Secret Order Of Tusk

Sick Of Living (Audio Demolition 2004)

demo review

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Secret Order Of Tusk is a Bay Area based project spawned by 3 members of Gammera as well as 2nd guitarist Jason James (ex-Greenhouse Effect). Their little 3 song demo cd completely devestates everything else in the "Demo" catagory on this site right now. If you're into slow, heavy, and crushing, then look no further. These guys mix doom and old school hardcore with Crowbar-esque vocals. It's like Sleep and Eyehategod on a killing spree, and it's all about the groovy riff. The first track, "Man Of God" is good stomping fun, while the 2nd track, "Sick Of Living/Unwilling To Die" seems a bit more complex, as it's caving your head in. "Bitter", the 3rd and final track, is the more uptempo of the 3, and shows more of a hardcore infulence. Did I mention they seem to have a healthy obession with the Zodiac killer? To get a copy of this demo, go to

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Reviewed by: Wolfie