Interview - Sepultura


w/Andreas Kisser

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Sam: The new album, the concept of it, how did you guys come up with that?
(editor's note: the second phone I was using for the interview was being gay so part of Andreas' answer to the first question is missing.)
Andreas Kisser: "...We chose the divine comedy because it's such a rich and powerful story, you know? connect the situations and emotions of the book, with the situations and emotions of today. Like we were Dante' passing through hell and purgatory and then paradise. So it was a very powerful source of information, you know, for us to write."
Sam: Do all of the songs go in an order? Is it like telling a story?
AK: "Well, the book is very complex, you know? and very rich and very long, and the album, you have only 11 songs you know? We didn't have tell the whole story, but to be interested by some part. To show a little bit why Dante had to go to hell and purgatory, to learn to see his own faults, and his own mistakes and all that, you know? At the end the book reflects only one feeling, respect. You know, have respect for yourself and respect for everybody else. don't do stuff to others that you don't like to receive for yourself, you know? The book is full of fuckin' punishment for different things, different treasons and whatever, so it's all about respect. 'Don't do stuff here so you pay later in hell' kind of view. We divided the into 3 parts, like the first five parts represent hell. Which is just musically speaking, just the band like guitar, bass, drums, and voice. And the second part, the next 5 songs represents purgatory and then we start using horns and cellos, some different orchestrations and the music is more melodic. And the last song represents paradise, it's a song that has nothing to o with the rest of the album. It's like a droning drumbeat and chorus with the whole cellos and horns and choir voices and shit like that. And you know, it's great, we're very happy with the final result. It's a very short album, like 43 minutes long, but at the same time, very rich. We didn't want to make like a long, boring album just because the story i so complex and so long. We just wanted to be inspired be some situations and connect the whole thing, you know, on this album."
Sam: Did you guys think of the book while you were writing the music? Like how the moods change and everything?
AK: "Definately, definately, some parts, I mean hell is very...hell is the best part in the book because it's where the punishments are all very heavy, and very brutal, and you know merciless punishments you know, so we write some really heavy and fast stuff. And pugatory is more... even though you have like really strong situations and new punishments, the heavy rain and fire and rocks, you know, holding heavy rocks and whatever, you know, and situations, it's too heavy but you're close to paradise. So we have the cellos and chorus, you get like that feeling that you're close to paradise, the light and stuff. And we felt that when we were writing the lyrics. Me and Derrick wrote the lyrics together, and musically we tried to follow those feeling according to us, according to what we felt reading the book."
Sam: Do you guys have any tours planned yet, any European festivals?
AK: "Yeah, that is the plan, I mean Dante' is coming out next March, and I think we're gonna start touring right in March, in Europe, and hopefully we can get a killer be in America again, for a long time we didn't play the states, you know, 2003, so we need to go back and jam in America, so the plan is to keep touring. Hopefully for a long time."
Sam: I haven't seen you guys in a long time...I got the DVD, that was pretty cool having Derrick run through with the extra footage, gave it more of a personal touch.
AK: "Yeah, ever since he joined the band he started filming, he had like 60 hours or so, of tape, and different stuff. He did the first like editing and stuff, then we got all together and chose the parts and everything, and we managed to put in 25 or 30 minutes. It's kind of short, but it's just to give like and idea of what we're doing since he joined the band. We never really had the chance to tell our story, because Roadrunner, when Max left, you know they really put all their effort to work Soulfly. They have all the management structure, and booking agent, and all the record label structure, and producers, whatever you know? They kept everything, and we had to rebuild from scratch pretty much, you know? It took awhile, it took time to renew, to rebuild but it's great that we are here right now, you know we feel much better, much better place. And Derrick is much more confident to do the old stuff, to play a little more guitar and everything, so we felt ready to put something like that out. and it shows a little bit of our family too, the way we are off-stage."
Sam: Speaking of Max, I've heard rumors flying around that maybe someday there would be another tour with you guys and Max, not an album or anything, just a tour.
AK: "I donno, I've been listening to rumors since he left the band, it's like, I've heard everything, you know, that he never will look in our face anymore, or never play with us, or maybe talk and not play, and maybe play and not talk, so every interview it's something new. But it would be great if we had a chance to play again together, no doubt. Between the band there was never a problem, the problem was around the band, you know, management and all that crap. That's still the problem you know, that's why we're not together, because know...whatever. You know between the band, shit happens. But actually I don't think too much about that because I'm so much into the new DVD and new album coming out with Sepultura and all that. There is no place for that...if it happened it would be great but I don't see it happening too soon."
Sam: You recorded a solo album?
AK: "I am recording the album right now, I'm preparing but I still have alot of stuff to do, and hopefully I'll be ready to release this album by the 2nd half of this year."
Sam: I thought there was one already out, you've been working on it for awhile then?
AK: "Yeah, actually 3 years already, so I'm not in a hurry"
Sam: Is it going to be as heavy as Sepultura or are you going in a different direction with it?
AK: "No, it's going to be a guitar album, but not like a masturbation guitar album, you know with endless leads and fast leads all over the place. It's going to be a guitar album, but I like to explore the different tones of the guitar, different guitar, different amps. It's going to be a double album, the first one would be really more into electric guitar, and band, and singing. And the 2nd album would be more acoustic guitar, you know like percussion and stuff like that. I want to put everything I enjoy on the 6 string instrument and not really be limited by anything. You know, just work whatever I like to be on that album, be free, to do whatever I want on it. Hopefully it will tell and story from start to end. There's something similar to Sepultura on it, other stuff, and I like alot of blues and classical music and there gonna a little bit of everything involved in songs, so it's going to be interesting I hope."

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