Live In Sao Paulo (2005) (SPV, 2005)

DVD review

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This 2 DVD set features a blistering show in front of several thousand rabid Brazillians. The intro is a little strange, Sepultura tear through 20 songs, a decent mix of old and new with a couple of covers...and a surprise guest or two. The sound and picture are both well fact, if you have surround sound and want to piss off your neighbors, I'm sure it would almost sound like a live show (with the crowd turned way down) if you cranked the volume enough. It's a very decent mix for a live show. But aside from the live show, there's more...a "making of feature" which isn't very long, but has it's long can you make a "making of" feature about a live DVD anyways? There's a band bio in both English and Portuguese (of course) which is just basically scrolling text...a little lame, but pretty detailed. The "documentary", which goes back to Derrick Green auditioning for the band, (and is narrarated by him) kinda makes up for the bio. It's got alot of personal band footage on it, and the usual 'band being just plain silly' stuff. There's also a slide show, 3 videos, and 3 more live songs (recorded somewhere else maybe?).
The case design blows, (at least my copy does) it's a hard plastic case, and has one disk sitting on top of the other which really sucks because they get scratched more easily...but the DVD itself, yeah, go get it.

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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