Shadow's Fall

Interview - Matt Bachand and Dave Germain


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Dan: How long have you guys been on this tour right now?
Dave: "4 days, but 2 of 'um we didn't make it to because our RV broke down"
Matt: "Stuck in a snow storm in Buffalo, this is our 2nd show"
Dave: "Yep, we got stuck in that shit..."
Dan: They got like 2 feet up there...
Matt: "Oh yeah, we know, we were there!"
Dave: "25 inches in 3 hours..."
Matt: "We were on the side of the road..."
Dan: That suuucks...
Dave: "So that was gay..."
Dan: Shit, how many more dates do you guys have on this tour?
Matt: "4 weeks..."
Dan: Cool, how does it feel to be back playing in front of a hometown crowd?
Dave: "It's awesome"
Matt: "We like it here man, it's always been good to us, so..."
Dave: "It's home you know? You recognize everyone"
Matt: "You can sleep in your own bed too"
Sam: When are you guys going to be working on a new album?
Matt: "It's hard to say, we've written a couple of new songs now, nothing we're ready to play or anything yet...just gonna tour on this album until it's dead and then start on a new one. We've been slowly writting here and there so, I really can't say, who knows when something like that will happen."
Dan: What have been some really cool tours so far for you guys?
Matt: "They've all been cool..."
Dan: Any bands you would've just been really looking forward to touring with...
Matt: "This one..."
Dave: "This is the one.."
Matt: "This is the tour where we're just psyched to see every band every night and everyone is cool, there are great shows...this is kinda our target crowd where we wanna hit."
Dave: "In Flames is definately the most like us, as far as who we've toured with."
Sam: What do you guys think of the label merger between Century Media (their label) and Nuclear Blast?
Dave: "I don't really know much about it, all you can say is we'll see what happens because that's totally an unpredictable thing as far as how things are going to work out. I don't think anyone knows, even the labels don't know how this is going to work you know?"
Dave: "I just hope it's not too much for them to handle, spreading themselves to thin or something like that..we'll see."