Since The Flood

3 song EP 2003

Demo review

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Chuck Bouley - vox
Dave Stauble - gtr
Toby Bastille - gtr
Gisel Monteyro - bass/vox
Brian Donovon - drums

Hmm well, it's another metalcore band right, well wake up junkie you're wrong. This band is taking influences from all over the hardcore genre. With this being a demo of course, the quality of the recording isn't the greatest, but looking past that, there are some great riffs on here. Massive, massive attacks of breakdown, and some nice double bass thrown in here and there as well. Where the majority of hardcore will cop out for the quick fix of a catchy riff, STF want to be able to stand above weak assed riffs and onslaught you with the best hardcore can offer. Look for Since the Flood to do great things in the upcoming months as they can only grow with the type of music they write.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards