Six Feet Under

Interview - Gregg Gall

By: Brandon Marshall

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BM: When is the new DVD gonna be released, what's it gonna be called, and what songs are gonna be on it?
GG: It's gonna be called "Double Dead" and it has a little story to it to.
BM: Like a movie?
GG: Sort of. It's gonna be a little humorous footage of backstage shit. I don't know where it was shot in cause I'm drunk. But people are gonna dig it a lot and its gonna be realased in late October.
BM: Is it gonna be released in Europe and Australia too?
GG: Yeah.
BM: You are gonna go to Europe to do the x-mass festival this winter, and what do you expect from that?
GG: Yeah, we are real excited about that. We are gonna do a few shows with Exodus and that's gonna be amazing.
BM: Is Six Feet headlining?
GG: Fuck ya
BM: When are you guys gonna come back around here?
GG: We are gonna mess around and do some work on new meteral.
BM: So when can we expect to see the new Six Feet album out?
GG: I can't really say 'cause we are talking about doing another tour with Hatebreed in January, so it's hard to say when the next record is gonna come out.
BM: You guys like touring together? you have toured with them (Hatebreed) a few times.
GG: Yeah, they are great guys. This is the second tour we did with them. We played shows with them on the Danzig tour.
BM: Any last words?
GG: Yeah, buy everything we have. 2 or 3 times, I gotta make a living.

From: Music Mania Magazine