Skurk 666

666 Personlighter (Independant release 2002)

Album review

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Jörgen Lindhe-lead vocals & guitar
Björn Hall-guitar
Mike Svensson-bass
Martin Brorsson-drums

Skurk 666's main man Jörgen Lindhe started in the hardrock band Flegma together with drummer Martin Brorsson. When Flegma split up, the two went on to another band called Redrum. Redrum lasted for a couple of years and then they also split up. Then Jörgen and Martin started Skurk 666 with the ambition to be against the fact that every band has to sing in english. Lyric-wise they are very socially aware, and they are also against the European Union. That´s why they decided to only sing in Swedish.
It wasn't hard to find members to join the band, the band are based in Malmö, Sweden. This is their first 4-track demo and it was recorded in WaveEstate Studio during the summer of 2002. The production and sound idn.t too great, but it works. It could've been much better if they had done it in a real studio and with plenty of time to mix it. As mentioned earlier, they play proper old school hard rock. Jörgen impresses on vocals, and it´s quite fun to hear a hard rock band singing in Swedish, but it´s also a bit sad because it limits the market for them to have a break all over the world.
There are a lot of things that the band has to work on. They have to work harder with the arrangments and on the songs. They should also rehearse more so they can get tighter as a band. The music is a bit simple and maybe they have to work a little bit harder on that too. More tempo changes are prefered here, and some of the members in the band are not to good at what they do. If you´re interested, you can listen to Skurk666 by going to and checking them out.

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Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Album Rating: 4/10