Slave Zero

The Defiant Stand Demo review

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Paul Callan: Lead/Rhythm Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Eddie O'Malley: Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitars
Kevin Jacob: Bass Guitar
Bob Ryan: Drums

Recorded at J.A.M. Studios, Kells, Co. Meath Ireland Btwn Feb 3rd-6th 2002.

Who the fuck knew Ireland had some promising Metal/Thrash sounds coming out? Seems like Slave Zero has something going on. After giving The Defiant Stand a couple of spins, I'm happy to declare that like God Dethroned, this too shall enter my personal collection. It's full on metal with some fantastic vocal work, The track "Last Breath" proves this to any disconcerting metal head. The issues? There are these small choppy sections re: timing. Plus I'm not a big fan of the acoustic squeekie allowances. It's all over the album. But if you don't give a shit about that, then this is good crunch candy for your ears. This effort presents a wild range of playability by the boys comparable to such Thrash classics such as Testament and Death. They do a pretty interesting job on the cover of Zombie Ritual. It's clean, but you do hear mistakes. Fault the production team for allowing that to occur. I wonder was it the band or time/money constraints which left this good album to suffer? And one last note, regarding "Prejudice Breeds", this song can be a masterpiece! It's got that old school crunch we all so desperately need and love. Slave Zero perhaps can be quite worthy of our metal's forefathers to turn their heads and ask who's this? Compared to some of the shit the great Rev. gets, it's good. Just need a little more time guys. I too love the smell of Napalm in the Morning. Labels take note.

Reviewed by: Rev. Barfaroni

9 shots of Charodei Vodka outta 10