The Palladium

Worcester, MA 8/17/02

Home | Interviews | Live Pictures | Reviews | News | Tourdates | Message Boardz | Metal Dictionary | Metal Chat | Links | Search | CD Store | Trade Index | Mailing List | if that doesn't say enough, you actually need more info than that. Well let's see, to start, this is the first night they played songs I've never even seen them play before. And I consider myself a pretty big fanatic, but that's me. Well here in Woosta (as so many of the fine people who play here like to call it), it's only 90 degrees it's settled down much from the beginning of the week. Only a 12 day heat wave, nothing big. Hmmm that 90 degrees plus a sold out venue and you got yourself a nice cool evening...till Slayer hits the stage.
After "Chemical Warfare" Slayer took a quick break where most of the audience thought the show was over...until Slayer kicked into "South of Heaven" where most of them who had given up came running back and then got fooled again after that. But knowing Slayer shows I stuck it out and got to see "Angel of Death" with the rest who refused to leave and wanted more. And as I was so nicely told after the show and couldn't agree more, it was nice to see the original line-up Tom, Jeff, Dave, and Kerry back on stage together. And since I missed them the last time they played around here with Hatebreed and Diecast at Lupo's, I wasn't missing this show. And if you did miss out, you missed out on a fucking sic ass show 'cause Slayer played for a sic hour and a half!
There is not a single person standing still, they can't, the over sold out venue full of bodies wont let you. Not that the music coming from the stage has anything to do with that, it's only Slayer, (just kidding Kerry, he gets so emotional). But back to what I was talking about, oh ya Slayer...well, before going on the stage the crowd started chanting "slut!" to a girl who wouldn't flash (later Tom helped out and she ended up flashing us after all...SLUT). And then a black light lit up the stage showing some fine graffiti from the latest album (God Hates Us All) and that's what they kicked off the show with going right into "Darkness of Christ". Everyone started getting going then, by the time they hit into "War Ensemble" it was outta control, fists pumping, head banging, wow, just like a metal show should be. And then to kick out the mother fucking jams they played the first 2 verses from "Haunting the Chapel", right into "Antichrist". I lost my shit at this point and ran into the pit till they started the next song "God Send Death" where I was punched in the face and had to leave to collect myself. It's a hard job but somebody's gotta do it. At this point I was unable to return to the floor. But I found myself a nice spot to just relax and watch the rest of the set.


Darkness of Christ
War Ensemble
Haunting the Chapel/Antichrist
God Send Death
In the Name of God
At Dawn They Sleep
Spill the Blood
Reign in Blood
Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
Seasons in the Abyss
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
South of Heaven
Angel of Death

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfvckingbastard