Still Reigning (American Recordings 2004)

DVD review

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Slayer have gone and done it this time, the entire "Reign In Blood" album live, complete with bloodbath. The band blaze thru all 10 tracks in your living room with the same ferocity the've had since "Hell Awaits", and then blood sprays from the heavens making for a very disturbing, (or funny depending how you look at it) scene. The footage and sound are great, with the exception of the cameras switching shots before you can see what Kerry and Jeff are playing. Can't we just stay on one person for more than half a second? We don't ALL have ADD out here. Christ, this isn't an MTV video. 6 bonus tracks are also included, "Spill The Blood" (how appropriate), "War Ensemble", "South Of Heaven", etc. (the rest of the concert before the band breaks into the "Reign In Blood" album I presume). There's also a 'Slayer in their own words' section for you interview lovin' types.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie