Interview - Soilent Green (Part 1)

Sean Michael Coale interviews Ben Falgoust

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Sean Michael Coale: So how's your record label running ?
Ben Falgoust: "Slow, it's just slow, it's slow cause everything finacially with me cause of all the stuff with addicents."
SMC: Have you been able to catch up with that at all?
BF: "Not even close, but it'll work out with time, that just situation is just gonna be slow, 'cause my main focus is Soiletn Green and Goatwhore. So, my finacial situation has to work around that one, and my home situation before I can like start putting it into other stuff. Maybe hopefully in like a year I can get back to where I'm working that stuff out."
SMC: Do you still have the Ebay account going, for donations or anything?
BF: "Naw it just kinda dwindled away, I don't really need anymore... I didn't think, there doesn't need to be anymore. I still got medical and stuff I gotta cover but it's like....I'm moving around fine. I just have to deal with it as it comes."
SMC: How is the knee holding up, I got into an accident back in Dec and over the winter it used to bother me, depending on the weather...?
BF: "Well it's not even that 'cause I broke both my legs and both my ankles, more or less it's my ankles that gives my right ankle has athritus and it gives me trouble now and then, but I try to work it out now and then. Well, it's just like you said, you have days where it's just... or I'll do something stupid where the most impact I put on recently was playing basketball at home with some friends and the probably the most impact. So like the next day it's pretty tight after that, it usually takes a couple of days, but I don't give fuck I wanna do shit, I don't wanna be like sitting back sitting stagent somewhere collecting dust."
SMC: How is Soilent Green these days, the new material you played was amazing, how are things going?
BF: "Things are coming along really good, the two new guys are doing really well, and the new material coming out really good. It's a lot of still like the Sewn Mouth melodic element but different things involved too. It's definitely a different sound, but I think every Soilent album has it's own kinda different step, and I think they all got their different elements and it's cool 'cause when we play live we got so many elements to chose from, and it helps to incorporate it. We're not really trying to evolve, we just kinda call it the blender effect. Just taking all these different styles and kinda mixing it up, we have so many different things, I don't see it as trying to evolve or anything. We're just trying to nail down our influences even more and make them all flow a little better and trying to get the idea down a little better and make the whole situation flow better."
SMC: How's Goatwhore coming along?
BF: "You know kinda slow, 'cause we lost our drummer. But it was kinda like a mutual thing. We've been trying out a few people and trying out a few people before I left. And right when I get right back home, my last show out on this trek is Saturday and then Monday I got a guy coming in and we got a guy coming in every couple of days for like two weeks after that. So hopefully we'll have a drummer nailed in by the end of May, and back on the road probably by the end of the summer, beginning of the fall and then we're talking to Metal Blade and then new album will most likely come out thru them and we'll probably do that next year. We're just trying to get a few more good tours. Within the end of this year we'll have everything finished off."
SMC: Now does Goatwhore write without you, or do they wait for you to come back?
BF: "Yeah yeah, but Soilent does the same thing and then I can just come in and lay down the lyrics and the vocals, with Goatwhore it's a lil different 'cause Sam and I intertwine with that. We usually wait, but they write all the music, then me and Sammy will kinda sit together kinda incoporate different things and work off each other in that aspect."
SMC: I don't know if you can answer this or not but is Sam doing anything besides Goatwhore?
BF: "He has another project called Vaul at I think, (that link does not work). It's like a doomery type thing, kinda like what Crowbar did but they're gonna have...I think a chick singing. It's pretty good though, really good."
SMC: How do you feel about New Orleans kinda blowing up right now?
BF: "Well, see to me it fluxuates, like sometimes it seems like it's getting big and then gets forgotten about, but I think it's always had it's own kinda element within the whole music industry and extreme type music in general. All the bands from there, have like did their own thing. None of the bands never have sounded a like. Like the whole North East scene where you got so many bands that are like the metalcore, and they all sound so similiar, in Lousiana none of the bands sound like eachother. They all sound a like a seperate..."
SMC: Well, the one overlapping thing is it seems everyone loves Black Sabbath.
BF: "Well, you know what it is, it's not even the Black Sabbath thing 'cause it's the whole bluesy kinda jazz kinda thing but Black Sabbath evolved from that. So it's that kinda evolution of it."
SMC: Do you plan on voting this year?
BF: "I'm not really big into voting, I know a lot of people will be like you really should. But you know I'm just not. I don't really believe in all honesty the way the system is that it doesn't really make a difference, 'cause the people you vote for aren't really the people who make the ultimate decision, they're there for more of just a spokes person above all of the people who actually make the decisions. This country was built on revolution, so if anything become to the point it was so totally corrupt that it would kill the freedom of the people, the people would revolt."
SMC: Yeah, but they're trying to squash that as much as possible, they're desizing it as protect your children from being kidnapped, so they're going to elementary schools and fingerprinting them, and with the Patriot Act they squash freedom so easily there.
BF: "It is but we still have alot of freedom as to what we can do in other countries. I'm just saying if it got worse and worse and worse the people were surpressed, I really think it would revolt again. Everything in this country was built upon revolution from the American Revolution on, it's always been about you want something right and you want something for yourself. People have to die for it but that's how it is. So that's how it becomes..this company, Ha, this country."
SMC: No, no it is a company.
BF: "America the Company. I mean it's built on revolution, and you're gonna have your people who are gonna do what the system says but then you're gonna have those people who are totally against it and revolt completely, and I'm not a big political person and politics, it's hard to maintain and control things, it's a catch 22. It's hard to trust a lot of people, and you can't always think.....George Bush is such a fucking idiot and can't believe he runs.....and I really can't believe think that he makes the sole decisions on the entire fucking nation. It's people who are underneath that aren't heard of who make the decisions and ultimate fucking changes on the situation. I really can't stand those bands who preach political shit either like System of a Down per say they come from another country and they came here complain about America and think that it's fucked up. They're out there living in Hollywood and making all this money cause they're making it in America. It's just like sometime you wanna go deck all these motherfuckers. It's all about oppurtunities and taking advantage of them, nothing is gonna be handed to yeah, you need some interest, intelligence and chance to go into, they're a reason poor people are poor and rich people are rich, and the middle class are middle class for a reason."
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