Soilent Green, Burnt By The Sun, Lick Goldensky, and the Acacia Strain

8/15/03 Worcester Paladium - Worcester, MA

live review

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OK, first off the Acacia Strain are the worse sounding band I've ever seen live. I mean first off, they have 3 guitar players and no bass, 2nd they're just 'chug chug whaaa' metal. All their songs, ALL their songs sound the same.
Second up came Lick Goldensky, and they wouldn't have been that bad, but they were. The music was OK, but yet another in the endless list of bands grabbing at Converge-style hardcore and then throwing some spazz up as a frontman. Thank God it was a short set.
And then came B.B.T.S, they just owned the night. They got the pit moving, and I'd like to point out they were the only band to do so. Their sound is just such a perfect blend of everything that's heavy. And they pulled it off without their other guitar player whom they've decided not to replace. But just as heavy as you could get, the new material sounds evil.
Soilent Green, well, was Soilent Green. They tore through their set and that's about it. They weren't there to hang out or make friends. Ben and company tore the upstairs room at the Palladium a new asshole.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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