10/16/00 Avalon - Boston, MA

Live Review

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Live pics from this show:



First off, if you haven't seen Soulfly and Downset on this tour yet, do so NOW!

Ok, ok there were 2 more bands on this bill, Slaves On Dope, and Primer 55, but I missed both of them...I have a good excuse though, I was drinking beer! I went in right before Downset in a failed attempt to get a band photo, *sigh* hopefully next time.

This certainly wasn't the first time I'd seen Downset, but it was the first time I'd seen them as an opening band, so I was a tad dissapointed with the set being so short, a mere 45 minutes. None the less there was a good mix of old and new, with "Anger" opening the set and the usual insane energy level onstage. The new songs go over well live, "Coming Back", "Together" etc. (of course they do, the new album rules!) and are totally contagious. Downset were definately the masters of groove at this show...
There's something about seeing matter how many times, I never get sick of them. Max is pretty much a legend, and there he is, right there, in a club. With a single word, or hand gesture he has the entire crowd going apeshit. The killer set only had one Seps song, "Roots" but this is understandable since Max has his own thing going now... The show was spotted by guest appearances from members of other bands on the bill, a few guys from Slaves On Dope and Primer 55 helped out on "Bleed", and "Pain", and Rey from Downset came out for "Terrorist". All 4 bands were out onstage near the end of the set for a huge drum jam, which is rather amazing to watch...the only thing missing was the football team...