Interview - Marcello D. Rapp

Interviewers: Sam and Kenny

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Here's a short interview with the lowdown on tours, and the new guitarist...

Kenny: How is the tour going?
Marcello: "It's pretty cool..."
Kenny: How was the tour with Rammstein?

Marcello: "Very hot" (laughs)
Kenny: It was a weird show..
Marcello: "It seems like it's more like a scene, like a visual show, there's a bunch of like fire, explosions.. all that kind of crazy.."
Sam: shit blowing up...
Marcello: "Marilyn Manson kinda show you know? that kind of theatrical show, it's pretty cool"
Sam: How's Mikey working out?
Marcello: "He's doing a really good job, we had Logan for the begining of the tour.."
Sam: I know...(laughs)
Marcello: "well it was like, we needed a guitar player at that moment, and Logan was available...we learned that he had quit Machine Head, so we talked to him and, we always knew that he was gonna do his own project eventually, so it's like well since you're taking this time off, do you wanna do the tour with us? 'cause we needed a guitar player...course we knew he was not staying in the band, but that was ok, so he did that part and now we got Mikey, you know what I mean... It's been alot's better, in the way of tightness. Mikey is very tight in guitar, and Logan used to be like, more loose...and stuff like that, and some people were complaining..I donno.
Kenny: I think it's better
Marcello: "yeah...and Mikey is doing a really good job"
Sam: And Logan has a stage presence but I don't think his playing is as good..
Marcello: "yes, yes...that's one way to put it"
Sam: Yeah, I didn't think he'd last since he quit Machine Head, I didn't think he'd last too long with you guys.
Kenny: Are you guys working on a new album?
Marcello: "We didn't start..we've been writing because of this problem with the guitar player, we didn't have a really stable band yet. So we uh.."
Sam: Keep Mikey!
Marcello: "We are kinda writing seperate. Like we did on the first album, where you know Max came with his stuff, I brought my stuff, Roy brought his...and we put it all together and then made Soulfly. but we didn't have songs written before you know what I mean? So, kinda..we are in the process of showing stuff to eachother, some know we put some stuff together.
Kenny: Were you guys asked to go on the Ozzfest this year?
Marcello: "No, this year, we still have the same album so ya know, so we didn't wanna you know come up with's the same we wanna come up year a new album and a new tour."
Kenny: Alright I've got a question, I donno if I should ask this...
Sam: (cringing)
Kenny: How are you guys and Sepultura getting along?
Sam: (ready to scream and run away...)
Marcello: "You shouldn't ask that"
Sam: That's what I said! (laughs)
Kenny: I'm just curious ya know what I mean?
Marcello: "I know man.."
Kenny: I don't mean to be an asshole about it...
Marcello: "I know, it's familly problems...ya know.. in a few problems.."
Sam: That really bummed me out...
Marcello: "It's just private business, it's just theirs.."
Kenny: I respect that, I apologize...
Marcello: "That's cool..."