Interview - Roy


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Sam: How was recording this last album different from the previous one?
Roy: "The difference was, this time we just kinda went to the studio and recorded everything right then and there, didn't do any pre-production. Me and Max come up with stuff, the other guys come up with stuff together, it depends on the songs. Some of the songs we did together, some songs we didn't, it's different".
Sam: Any different types of percussion this time around?
Roy: "I mean I didn't get to play too much of it, I played some of it, and I used pretty much the same shit, congas, I played a snake charmer flute at the end of one song."
Sean: I don't know her name off hand, but did you guys bring that singer along with you? No? It was just for that one tour?
Roy: "Yeah, well, she didn't really come out for the whole tour, it was for a few shows here and there. This time it's just the band".
Sean: It was just really interesting seeing a metal band trying to open it up a little more than just straight metal.
Roy: "Well, I mean...heh, heh I can't comment on that. It was kinda hard to do that at first, because the crowd doesn't go for R&B singers coming out at a metal show, but Max kinda wants to go against the grain a bit, so, that's cool, I'll back him up."
Sam: You guys ever consider bringing guests from other albums out on the road?
Roy: "Well, it depends, there's alot of people that were on our records that are in bands too, so they are off doing their thing, so it's impossible unless we're like on tour with that band that was on our record, then we could do it. The guy from Il Nino, we can never do that song unless he's around. I like to do that song, but we can't. Chino, same thing, we've been doing the songs without him anyway, the songs that Chino is on."
Sean: Actually, that was the next question I was going to ask you, is that the reason there were less guests on this album, because it's harder to do the songs that have...?
Roy: "That, and the fact that he wanted to make this album just...the band. I think the next album will probably be even less, just the band. I prefer it just the band. I figure the less guests, the more we can play."
Sean: How was your stint with Medication?
Roy: "It was cool, I that for a couple years on and off, and um, I just decided that I didn't think the band was really me musically. Great band, I love what they do, but I'd much rather play more percussive stuff. I'm pretty much a founding menber of this band, I wasn't a founding member of Medication, so, this band personally has more of my stamp drumming-wise than Medication does. I'm able to do more things in this band than I could do in that band."
Sam: Did you know Max long before the whole split happened and he formed Soulfly?
Roy: "Yeah, I knew him for a bit, I met him actually 11 years ago, so I've known him on and off for 11 years. He used to be a fan of a band I used to be in, this band called Nausea, it's an old punk rock, New York punk, Discharge thrash band. That's what we looked, and sounded, and breathed like you know what I mean? Same political kinda vibe. So he was really into that, I got to know him through that. I lost touch with him for a bit, then I met up with him again when I was in Shelter, I was on Roadrunner, he was on Roadrunner. I did a remix for Sepultura years ago.."
Sam: Which song?
Roy: "'Refuse/Resist', Chaos B.C., it's on the album now, they've re-released it. It's on the Third Wolrd Chaos video."