10/6/02 Lupo's, Providence, R.I.

live review

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Soul-Fly Soul-Fly Soul-Fly...That's kinda what it sounded like if you were there but most of you weren't. The under sold venue was a sad sight to hold up what I think is Soulfly's best album to date. And that's just what they brought tonight, Soulfly's best? Mixing up the set with Max's best material to date (Soulfly, Sepultra, and Nailbomb) the band even got members of Step Kings and Downthesun to come up to do a versions of "Pain" and "Call To Arms". But I'd have to say the best part of the show was the drum jam that wasn't long even for my taste, it was kick ass! The other thing that didn't settle well with me was the fact that Soulfly cut up and made a melody of Sepultra's best. I think if you're gonna play the song, play it. Dont give me a piece of it. But, that's what they did throughout the entire set, cut up songs and use parts of them. Not the best thing to do. Plus this was a scaled down version of Soulfly, if you caught them out with Slayer you noticed they brought R&B singer Asha Rabouin which added something a little new to metal. A gospel singer was a nice to touch, too bad she stayed home on this tour. Maybe we all should have.

Seek n Strike
Jump/Bring it
Cromags/Call to Arms
Primitive (intro)
eye for an eye

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfvckingbastard