May 10th, 2003

Axis - Boston, Mass

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Ok, well first off let me point out that the show was moved to a smaller club (probably because of slow ticket sales), gayness. Well, ok so it should be better right? Smaller venue, better time...well wrong. The show itself was great, but the sound guy was on break tonight, the bass was far too thick for the small club. So, for the whole night that's all you heard, a nice thick muddy sound coming out of the speaker. The pit was jumping and screaming, (as they should be). But one thing I did notice, (and my editor even asked me about it to see if I was wrong and if it was just someone doing back ups), Max had another track of his vocals behind his live vocals. Very Brittany Spears, if that is the case. But it's what I heard, I saw Max scream and then walk away from the mic, and the scream actually continued not like an eco effect but like he was still up on it. Maybe I just don't know how that works or something, but to me it sounded like he had a studio track behind his live track. And moving onto worse things than that, (if possible) Soulfly broke into a Nirvana song. I mean come on now. Isn't Soulfly suppose to be all metal and such? Well, I thought anyways but ya, they broke into "Territorial Pissings" and that was that. As always the drum jam was great, and even Mikey was on top of his game all night soloing like a mad man or a drunken mad man trying to get groupie love. For most part it was just any other Soulfly show, a couple Soulfly tunes, some Seps, (which is getting old, I mean Soulfly has 3 albums out, move on Max) and of course, the Nailbomb track...gotta love the old school. They ended the night with Eye for Eye, as if you didn't see that coming...and that was Soulfly.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards