Soulfly, Crisis, and Twelve Tribes

9/16/04 the Paladium - Worcester, Ma

Album review

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So we get there a 'lil late and missed out on most of Twelve Tribes set. But from what I heard, they put on as good of a show as they sound on their new record "Rebirth of Tragedy", which I enjoyed very much where the sound is very much the new wave of metal, but still stands clear of the pitfall what is the Western Mass Killswitch Engage sound. Where vocalist Adam Jackson and band work out a finemixure of heaviness and structure giving Jackson room to sing, but yet stay heavy. The crowd of course, this being the Palladium, knew 12tribesand made them feel welcome, screaming and singing along to the songs. Next up was Crisis. I haven't seen them since '96 and back then I didn't really care for them, but this time around they seemed to have their live act a 'lil better together. Where Karyn was dancing around to the music, and even let the band improvise some too. Great texture for the live element, but again I still wasn't converted into a fan. Finally after making fans wait an extra 20mins, Soulfly comes out and live really is where they belong. I'm not a huge fan of their last work, but that didn't stop Worcester from getting behind Max and the new edition of Soulfly, (who as in the last record I am not a fan of). Marc Rizzo and his backpack looked so stupid, jumping around and acting rockstar tough. Bobby Burns looks so out of place being the only white guy on stage. I think Max had his best bass player in Marcello, but again, not my choices to make. The set was plagued by audio trouble as first Max's vocals got cut from the mix, then snare, followed by one guitar after the other. At the point where Max lost his mix in his monitor, he kinda was pleased, let the soundguy know, and since they were covering Seps, Max needed all the snare in his mix. But since the soundguy wasn't moving fast enough, Max for the first time ever was not playing his guitar, and this wasn't like a moment that was planned as Max isn't a frontman, and hence had no idea what to do. So he just flailed around and pick-motioned his hand as if he was strumming an invisible guitar. But even though this all seems like it would make for a horrible show, Soulfly again make it clear that their arena again is in the live one. Oh Yeah, did I mention they covered "Territorial Pissings" by Nirvana. INDUBITABLY!!!!!!!

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards