Superjoint Ritual

Live At CBGB 2004 (Sanctuary Records, 2004)

DVD review

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This is like a badass Superjoint Ritual bootleg, only it was recorded with pro cameras and isn't a bootleg. You get a blistering 10 song Superjoint set full of old school hardcore and punk, the way it should be...with minimal Phil ranting. Several camera angles are covered, including plenty of pit scenery. There's some backstage/behind the scenes footage interspliced here and there. The "special features" section offers "interviews" with the band members, (mostly them hanging out on the bus and backstage telling stories). Yep, that's Sleep playing in the background as Jimmy Bower shows off the tour bus. This section also includes the videos for "Waiting for The Turning Point" and "Dress Like A Target". All in all, a perfect friday night beer DVD.

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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