Superjoint Ritual

Live In Dallas, TX 2002 (Sanctuary Records, 2002)

DVD review

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Not a whole lot of explanation on this one, it's Superjoint Ritual live, a sick, heavy show professionally filmed and put on DVD with Dolby 5.1 surrond. The closest thing you'll get to Superjoint playing in your living room, and better than any bootleg you'll find. Besides the intense 11 song set you'll also find some short interviews spliced in here and there, and a tease of backstage footage. Last but not least the videos for "Fuck your Enemy" and "The Alcoholic", the latter of which is both hysterical and disturbing. Both have a "shot on home video" feel, and pack all the punk/redneck feel you could hope for. Ahh, good stuff.

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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