Superjoint Ritual

Interview - Jimmy Bower

The AbsolutMetal staff finds Bower hangin' out on the sidewalk at MA Metalfest

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Jimmy: "Ok, first off, where's the Zanax?"
Sam: Hey Steve, that's your department
Steve: Ahhh, that's back home
Jimmy: "Oh, come on.."
Sean: Actually, I've got something a little better than that
(Editor's note: The next few seconds aren't being printed to asses)
Sean: What's going on with Down right now?
Jimmy: "We're workin' on a DVD, we're gonna be gettin' the internet site to where all our fans are able to buy merchendise off the site, we're constantly working on trying to get that better. Just kinda takin' a break with it (Down) right now man, we did alot of work with Down last year and Superjoint, I think this year is the year of the Joint, you know? Superjoint deserves a good year worth of touring ya know? It's basically what we're doing."
Sean: I just wanted to know, there's all this crap printed about the different projects with Phil so...
Jimmy: "Oh man, the media...I mean, no offense to you guys I mean, but the major magazines..."
Sean: Haha, I know, but we don't make any money off it so we're not really the media yet...
Jimmy: "The major media, the major magazines, and stuff you know, I do interviews with them and they wanna know 'what's up with Pantera breaking up?' It's like dude, I'm not Phil man, you know? You're asking the wrong dude. They think 'cause I'm his friend that I know or something, I don't know."
Sean: They need to schedule interviews with him and find out what's going on
Sam: Everybody misquotes him too...
Jimmy: "But I mean, man, alot of us have gone through some pretty big personal changes in the past year, personal changes that'll all work out towards the better. Fuckin' you can't deny that, you know? And man, we're ready to rock right now dude, we sound tight right now man, we're gonna fuckin' stroll on in there..."
Sean: How much heavier is the new material?
Jimmy: "Disgusting, it's killer man"
Sean: You still got the Black Flag..
Jimmy: "Totally"
Sean: Slayer-type groove goin'?
Jimmy: "Phil even goes way more off on the vocals, he's talkin' n' shit, all kinda Bin Laden shit man, dude, he went all out, it's awesome."
Sean: Nice, he still has his regimine of drinking heavily before every show?
Jimmy: "Ah, a little bit"
Sean: You've gotta love the rants
Jimmy: "Oh yeah, ah, I love his rants man, I mean, gives me a good time to smoke a joint inbetween fuckin' songs n'shit"
Sean: We've got one bootleg of you guys and you're all goin' off while he's trying to rant and he's like...
Jimmy: (Phil voice) "Shut the fuck up!"
Sean: 'Ok, Bonham'
Jimmy: "Right, right..."
Sam: All givin' you shit
Jimmy: "Oh, he throws sticks at me, he's thrown microphones at my drumset and shit, like 'shut up!'. He likes it to be quiet so he can talk you know? and I just get bored and I go (makes drum noises) or something you know? it's all in good fun."
Sam: You guys still have a whole bunch of songs writen for Down...?
Jimmy: "We've got alot of tapes with some pretty good fuckin' ideas on 'um. We've got a couple of acousical things that we've done, we did a 'Stone The Crow' acoustic thing. We still want to do this acoustic record you know, which to me would be really cool."
Sean: Actually, you were telling me something at Ozzfest about a solo project?
Jimmy: "I'm gonna do it, yeah, I'm just trying to find the time to do it. I wanna do like (hums 'Doob Interlude' off Down II) on the record."
Sean: Yeah, what was the name of the song, you told me one of the names from the Down album, that you wanted to go in that direction
Sam: That jam thing, the 60's 70's thing...
Jimmy: "That thing that I did on a 4 track? Yeah, I did that on a 4 track, I played everything"
Sam: Yeah, it sounds like it's coming out of a car radio
Jimmy: "Right, right, right, yeah, so I mean, that's the kind of 4 track stuff I do. I forget what I wanted to call it, I don't even remember now, I don't even know what it's called on the record, I think it's it like a break or something? Something to do with a break and a thing or something..."
Sam: It's like 'Doob something'
Jimmy: "'Doob Interlude'"
Sam: Yeah, that's it
Jimmy: "But if I end up with a record that I'm gonna do it's gonna be alot like that, 'cause I can't sing and I might talk some shit or something..."
Sean: Speaking of 'Doob Interlude' who did drink Pepper's Koolaid?
Jimmy: "Oh, I don't know, he pulled that shit out of his ass at the last minute, I had no idea what he was saying...threw my bass drum in the fuckin' swimming pool...crazy dude, crazy"
Sean: How's the planning going for the Danzig 'Blackest Of The Black' fest?
Jimmy: "Oh, you mean future dates?"
Sean: Yeah, yeah
Jimmy: "We talked to him about doing it, Superjoint and Danzig"
Sean: Is it gonna be a full tour?
Jimmy: "I would hope so, he was talking to us about doing a world tour, and we were like dude, let's do it man. Superjoint and Danzig, we'll fuckin' kill 'um man, we'll kill 'um, destroy everybody, fuck, let's do it. So if that can happen, it would be very cool, if not, fuckin' we'll figure something else out. We just try and stay busy, that's our main focus."
Sean: You're a busy motherfucker
Jimmy: "Hey, you die sooner or later, fast, die young. I don't know what could happen to me man, I could contract something up here"
Sam: So Eyehategod is still going on, you're just takin' a break from it?
Jimmy: "Yeah man, I mean Eyehategod is a band plauged with rumors ya know? It's stupid, and it's like man, I mean they were upset with me because I was touring alot and couldn't really squeeze any Eyehategod shit in, but I mean, we've also talked about that personally at home, you know. Like when people take that wrong you know and you can be stupid with it and stuff like that. The bond between the guys in Eyehategod are closer than the fuckin' Congress and Senate ya know? You can't break it, you can't break us can't break that shit up."
Sean: Are there any bands that you're really lookin forward to seeing here?
Jimmy: "Meshuggah, 'cause I spent alot of time with them at Ozzfest, I wanna see DRI tonight, Bongzilla in a couple minutes, Lamb Of God tomorrow night. I've known Randy for 10 years and I've never seen his band"
Sam: wow
Sean: oh, they're great live
Sam: yeah, sick...Opeth?
Jimmy: "Yeah, I've never really heard much of Opeth but I wanna check them out, Shadows Fall"