Interview - Suplecs


Andrew Preen answers a few e-mail questions

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Sam: How have you guys been handling the hurricane?
Andrew: "We have been doing the best that we can under the circumstances. We have all been affected in different ways and unfortunately we are all living in different places right now. All of the members of Suplecs were born and raised in New Orleans so it means a lot to us to see the city we love -rebuilt and restored."
Sam: What was it like working with Pepper?
Andrew: "It was great working with someone who had the same vision that we did for this album. He pushed us to strive for the best performance we had in us. Pepper got us to explore different sounds and take chances within the song arrangements. So yeah, it was great!"
Sam: You guys have some uniquely sarcastic lyrics...what are you guys thinking about when you write?
Andrew: "We all have a sense of humor when it comes to our lyrics. Influences come from our personal lives, our city, our families and friends, our pets, and some good ol' marijuana."
Sam: How is the new label working out?
Andrew: "Nocturnal Records is very enthusiastic about the new record and is extremely supportive of the band. We are psyched to be on a label that cares as much as we do."
Sam: How is the NOLA stoner rock scene holding up?
Andrew: "There are so many awesome bands down here, but unfortunately because of this tragedy it is not a top priority for people to go see shows. Before the hurricane, the scene was strong. We know it will come back when the city is revitalized."
Sam: Any touring plans?
Andrew: "Yes ! Definitely.- but we are not sure exactly when. We hope to be on tour before the end of 2005. We are looking forward to an active touring schedule in 2006."