Swarm Of The Lotus

When White Becomes Black (At A Loss Recordings 2004)

Album review

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This is great stoner metal, heavy, dark, sludgy, even technical in some places...except for the vocals which are in the newer hardcore vein. "Wow, sounds like Mastodon then?" you might ponder, well, sort of, kinda, ok, yeah, let's go with that or Eyehategod. I really dig the tunes on this album, the music is killer, but what's with all the yelling and screaming? If the vocals were a bit more melodic and less agonizing then I could really get into this, but it's really grating after awhile. Don't any of these new bands know how to sing? Enough ranting about the vocals though, you've got to check this one out even if only for the music. Good stuff.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie