The Taste of Silver/Aganihm

split review

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The Taste of Silver start off this split and throw out what would probably be their best track to date. In "The Grasshopper & The Ant" the band mix up an eerie intro that works it's way into the lead chorus riff. "Sedentary Blues" follows suit by bring in more of a Today is the Day/Old Man Gloom feel to it. The last track of their set is kinda a disappointment as it relives the lead riff from "The Grasshopper & The Ant", at least it does to me. A sing-a-long gallery to end out the track, and if the song continues to grow you could see some pretty interesting things come out from tToS, they just need to learn to not rush their writing.

Now for Aganihm's set, and in case you didn't know their name is from the Legend of Zelda. Check up on it bitches. "Dead Sentence Dirge" is far from what it's title would have you to believe, as life is pumped into this track from all sides, moving all the while into the chorus. "Doppleganger Siamese" is probably the most straight forward metal track Aganihm has, if you could call it straight forward. The best way to describe the music, besides chaotic, would be think of the best car crash you've rubbernecked for, and then become a part of your own. Closing out the split is Aganihm's last show ever, which includes a Disrupt cover, (and if you don't know who they are you're missing out).

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