Interview - Testament

Eric Peterson
The return of Testament

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Sam: You guys have a new studio album coming out?
Eric Peterson: "Yeah, well, actually, we haven't started recording yet, we're just doing all of the finishing writing touches to it. We're doing pre-production, we're going to meet...we're scheduled for May for master recordings, for a August/September release."
Sam: Nice, what direction are you guys planning on heading in with this one?
EP: "I would say, kind of like suming up everything we've done, all the best things of each record. Melodic, you know just technical, heavy, simple, just kind of everything thrown together. But I would say, this is going to be a record that really sounds...of course we're Testament, but just really sounds like Testament. It's just got that old-school riffage sounding stuff to it. I'm pretty happy with the way it's going."
Sam: Who are you guys recording with?
EP: "As far as engineering and producing, we'll be working with Doug Hall, who is our main front of house man, he's been with us like since day one, and Andy Sneap. And then of course with my way with the whips."
Sam: How is Paul (Bostaph) working out?
EP: "Paul is working out great, he's been in the band for like a little over a month now, and it was really weird how he came into the picture. We had been working with John Tempesta for the last year, he kinda filled in for John Allen. John Allen...the drummer store with Testament is pretty funny...I think I'm going back too far, anyway, we were with John Tempesta and he was doing...he lives in L.A., and he was doing this Helmet project, and that was kinda like more his main gig. The scheduling between getting him up here to rehearse, you know he'd come up for a weekend, then we wouldn't see him for a couple months. It was just getting pretty hard, so one night we were pretty drunk and he was just like 'man, you know I fuckin' love doing this but, you guys should get Paul Bostaph'. And I was thinking well, Paul, Paul, yeah, Slayer, you know he had knee surgery a year ago, so he's been kind of out of the scene and out of condition, and I knew that he was in a band called Systematic which is way left field from metal. I gave him a call and he was like 'yeah man, fuck, I haven't jammed for a long time so, I'd love to come down and see if you guys are feelin' it'. We just took it from there, we weren't like making future plans, it was just like, let's jam and see what's up. He heard some of the new songs and before you know it, you know, he's signed on for the whole thing. Which turned into, we were just going to write new songs, and then all of a sudden all these shows popped up. So the next thing you know, it's like 'hey, by the way, re-learn those 15 songs that you did with us 10 years ago. But it's going good."
Sam: You guys have a whole bunch of festival dates coming up in Europe
EP: "Yeah, that's going to be pretty cool, Europe has been a highlight for us, especially the festivals. And this time around we're doing alot of headlining and supporting, whereas before we were getting some of the earlier slots of the day, moving in towards the 4 and 5 pm slots, whereas now we're doing headlining or supporting. What's going to be cool about it, is we're recording. Out of the 13-14 festivals we're doing, we're probably going to record and film like 3 of them, in the hopes to put out a DVD for Christmas 2004."