The Body

s/t (Recorded by Keith Souza at Machines with Magnets Oct. 2003)

LP review

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The Body are a guitar and drum duo (consisting of Chip and Lee) straight outta Providence, RI that serve up slow, noisey sludge with some Eyehategod-inspired vocals. The guitar is so low, thunderous and chunky that it might as well be a bass at times. There are strange samples here and there to add to the overall bizzareness of the vibrating waves of doomy distortion blasting from your speakers. Awesome. There isn't exactly a wealth of info about the band outside on the record jacket, (which is just black on one side and has children's faces on the other). There isn't really much to the inside either, one sheet with a blury photo of the band members on one side, and a small bit of print on the other, but if you're near Providence you can find this LP at the Armageddon Shop.

Check them out live on BSR

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Reviewed by: Wolfie