The Third Death

The Third Strike

unsigned review

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While punk rock and skateboarding in general has turned into coke and pepsi commericials, these guys try to bring it back to when anger wasn't about not getting that new cellphone for your birthday, or that hawt, (yes it's spelt that way, cause it's retarded when people make up their own words) belt buckle from Hot Topic. These songs are skateboarding and the shit you gotta deal with if you've actually given yourself to the craft, and no it's not a sport. Much like surfing people true to this craft, it's a lifestyle and that's what "the Third Strike" is loosely based around. An article written for "Thrasher" magazine back in their June '86 issue tells the tale of how pop culture swallowed skateboarding as a whole and now today with all your plastic toys that they call boards or how cities attempt to give you somewhere to go. It's not about any of that it's about just you and your fucking board can you survive motherfucking get up and "Skate or Die".

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