Haunted (3-track promo from the up coming album "The Flowers Of Flesh And Blood" 2002)

Album review

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Thorcult are from Denver, CO. Iíve never heard this band before and Iím not sure how this 3-track sampler ended up at my place.
Thorcult plays brutal death/trash metal influenced by grindcore. They are really good musicians, and their music is really complex. It was produced and mixed by Thorcult and Dave Otero in Hellion studios. The production is really good.

The band is:
Dustin - drums
Chris - lead vocals
Nick - guitar
Cassie - bass
Brian - keyboards
Ivan - guitar

"Kill Or Be Killed" starts with a calm intro before it sets off. Itís heavy death/trash metal throughout the song, except in the refrain where there's a bit of grindcore involved. In "Haunted" there's some real heavy guitars. Itís the same blend of death/thrash metal and grindcore as in "Kill Or Be Killed".
"Eclipse Of The Blood Moon" is a fast death/thrash metal track.
This sure impressed me. Itís good musicians and a very talented singer. Thorcult has the ability to write good songs. Iíll hope that the album "The Flowers Of Flesh And Blood" is of the same high-class as this.

More info on the band:

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Rating 7/10