Type O Negative


Johnny Kelly (drummer)

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Sam: What have you guys been doing the last few years?
Johnny: "We had finnished touring for October Rust around July, the end of July of '97 and then we took a few months off, away from eachother. We felt that we needed it, we had been touring for the last two records for almost like 4 years, so we felt that we needed a break. And we felt that we were able to afford it you know time wise..so we took a few months off and right after christmas '97 we started writing, getting together and throwing around ideas and stuff, alot of stuff that Peter had, and then from there, after that was done we started doing demos. And then we started recording in April of this year at Systems Two in Broklyn. Finnished recording the record a few weeks ago, finnished mixing, mastering and stuff."
Sam: Sweet
Johnny: "So here we are...sometimes it seems like we're out of the picture so to speak for a long time actually it was for a long time, but it's been busy."
Sam: I heard you guys weren't too happy with the last album...
Johnny: "Not so much too happy...it kinda fell off the market..what we were kind of expecting of it..it was a departure for us. As with any so called artist you can't go...you don't see a painter paint the same picture everytime..."
Sam: What direction is the new stuff heading in?
Johnny: "It seems like it's alot heavier, it's alot more aggressive...it's not faster...alot of our other influences are starting to show on this record."
Sam: Is it still gonna have the gothic type sound?
Johnny: "uhh yes, some of it does have goth, anything that sounds like Black Sabbath is goth,
(editor's note: No, C.O.C and Catherdral are not goth bands!)

they were the first goth band. So you know, when you have infulences like Black Sabbath running through your blood stream...yes, it does have a certain goth element. It' not as uhh..how can I put it? It's not as 80's goth like that kind of stuff that was prevailant on October Rust. It's not as textured and layered. This is pretty much like a bare bones record, simple production."
Sam: So the songs are simpler?
Johnny: "Well simple as in production..yeah, there aren't as many layers and as many keyboard parts and guitar parts and all that stuff over it, it sounds more like a...like rock band...guitar, bass, drums."
Sam: Cool
Johnny: "Yeah, it's a pretty good collection of songs, the subject matter caters more to my taste on this record than the last one. We kinda really pushed the sexuallity subject pretty far on the last one, and this record doesn't have much of that."
Sam: Different lyrical subjects?
Johnny: "Yeah, it's more on chemical dependencies, and lost loved ones, depression, there's some songs on there about women, worship and stuff like that.
Sam: umm I heard a rumor... Pete said something about you guys splitting up if this record doesn't do really well..
Johnny: "Even if the record did good, there's always that chance, you never know what's gonna happen..I'm sure Peter was just in a cranky mood that day and was hating everyone when he mentioned that...but no, there hasn't been any talk of the band breaking up. Peter has wanted to quit after ever record starting with Carnivore, he's got a track record with this..."
Sam: So every time you make an album he's like oh fuck this, I'm gonna quit!
Johnny: "yeah he wants to go to work for the parks department"
Sam: I'd rather be in a band!
Johnny: "Well that's what he's into..." Sam: Ok, I've got a few questions that people e-mailed in...one of my friends wants to know if you've ever seen any paranormal beings...
Johnny: "Personally, no...I have a hard time accepting that kinda stuff."
Sam: Not into the X-files eh?
Johnny: "I saw the movie, I find the subject interesting.. whether it's believeable or not, I have a hard time with that. I don't see why not, I don't think that of all the planets and galaxies and the universe that we're the only planet that has living life on it."
Sam: Yeah, doesn't make much sense
Johnny: "But if there is, I'd imagine that they are smarter than us."
Sam: Yep
Johnny: "And I think they would know better...I think they'd see us and just write us off as a total loss..."
Sam: Think I can agree on that one
Johnny: "If they wanna learn how to destory a planet and hurt eachother and stuff, then yes we make a good case study."
Sam: Yeah, we're the experts..