Interview - Trevor Phipps

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Dan: With the release of Endless, what happened to it at first being a spilt with Liar?
Trevor: "Liar and Alveran Records (the European label involved with Eulogy Recordings) had some problems, so their songs were dropped from the release. Instead of us waiting for another band to do the split with, we just decided to go ahead and make it a MCD."
Dan: How come you decided to release it as an ep other then either save it for your next album or do a split with another band?
Trevor: "Like I said we didn't want to wait for another band. Our contract with Eulogy also stated that we needed an EP or MCD, so we basically had to do that to fulfill the requirement."
Dan: When will we be seeing another Unearth LP?
Trevor: "Hopefully before the fall."
Dan: What should we expect to hear from the new album when it is made? What will stay the same and what will change?
Trevor: "It will be a similar formula, but heavier, more technical, better breakdowns and some new sounds. We are expirimenting a bit more with different influences. It will be heavier than ever though and will crush everyone.
Dan: What other tours does Unearth have in the works?
Trevor: "Nothing is set in stone for the rest of the winter or spring, but we will be busy writing and playing weekend gigs. There are some tour ideas in the works, but nothing is a go yet. So we will just have to wait and see."
Dan: How was your recent trip out to Europe? Any idea when you'll tour there again? Or maybe Japan?
Trevor: "The European trip was insane. We had no idea what to expect and the kids just went nuts at all of our shows. They really treat bands well over there. We should be going back there before summer. We would drop anything for a trip to Japan, but we need to find the right promoter to make it work for us. So, that will also be something to look out for."
Dan: What is your take on the local Metal/Hardcore scene in New England right now? Do you see it getting bigger then it already is?
Trevor: "I think with the new albums from Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and younger bands like The Red Chord and On Broken Wings, the scene will continue to grow. If good music continues to rise, then people will continue to come out and support the bands."
Dan: What are some bands from around here to watch for, in your opinion?
Trevor: "The Red Chord, On Broken Wings, Purity's Failure, and Since the Flood are four of the best up and coming bands around this area."
Dan: What would you have to say about reports that you (and your fans) stole the show during the whole tour recently with From Autumn To Ashes?
Trevor: "Regardless of what people say, all the bands had a great time. We did see a lot of energy from the crowd and that gave us more energy while playing. We just want to thank everyone who came out and supported us. This tour meant a lot to us. It seriously made us realize that people respect and feel what we are doing with our music and lyrics. With responses like the ones we saw on that tour it makes us want to tour all of the time."
Dan: Have you had some tours were you, to your surprise, have upstaged the bands you are opening for?
Trevor: "Haha, well I don't ever want to put down any bands we have toured with or opened for. If we upstage anyone it isn't something we like to talk about. We are just there to have fun and make sure the crowd has fun. We appreciate all the support from the crowd. The better the response we get, the better we feel about playing."
Dan: What was your favorite tour?
Trevor: "It is a three way tie between the Poison the Well/Sworn Enemy/Spark Lights the Friction tour in December of 2001, the Zao/Underoath tour in July of 2002 and the latest tour with FATA/Hope Conspiracy in December of 2002. Each tour had its moments of being a great time for us, the other bands, the shows and the crowds."
Dan: What bands and albums have you been listening to a lot lately?
Trevor: "The Red Chord, Killswitch Engage, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Foo Fighters and Shadows Fall."
Dan: This one is from a fan, Nikki in Barre, MA asks, "What do you think of Sage Francis?"
Trevor: "I guess I am out of the loop."
Dan: Dom from Baltimore, MD asks "So whats up with the singer's label and his Rise Over Run cd?"
Trevor: "I started a new label called "Ironclad Recordings". I am doing this so I can help bands that I like with the connections I have made over the past few years. Rise Over Run is a hard fucking band that plays some sick metal meets hardcore."
Dan: Mike McHerp from NYC asks "Where the white women at?"
Trevor: "Hanging with Howard Jones."
Dan: Anyway...What your main influences? Both metal and hardcore?
Trevor: "As a band we are influenced by Crowbar, Shai Hulud, At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Testament, Pantera, Hatebreed, Strongarm, the Beatles."
Dan: What's the dumbest and/or strangest thing you've seen at a show or while on tour?
Trevor: "One time in St. Cathrine, Ontario we played a show at a bar with a ton of decorations hanging from the walls and ceiling. By the end of the show the kids were in the pit with an eight foot blow up doll version of Frankenstein. It looked like he was actually in there fucking shit up. That was pretty weird."
Dan: What are some bands that you love to tour with and/or bands you haven't toured with but want to?
Trevor: "Bands we love to tour with are Poison the Well, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Sworn Enemy, Shai Hulud, Zao and Underoath. Bands we would like to tour with are the Red Chord, Bleeding Through, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, In Flames and a ton others."
Dan: Things to do when not doing anything at all involving Unearth?
Trevor: "Hang with friends, do recreational sports (tennis, basketball, baseball, etc..), play some PS2, etc...Basically just regular stuff...we are normal dudes."
Dan: Finally, two words...Sweatpants Boners?
Trevor: "That is Kens' gig. Him, Adam D. (from Killswitch Engage) and some other dudes put together a comedy rock thing...I think it is funny as hell. You should check out the cd. Pee with Your Father!"

Interviewer: Dan White