Vision Of Disorder

Dead In New York (Koch Records, 2008)

DVD review

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I forgot how much I love this band...probably because they broke up 6 years ago, (and recently announced they are reforming to record a new album). This DVD was recorded during 2 reunion shows in 2006, (in NYC and Woooosta, MA respectively) and is filmed in a rather up-close-and-personal, imtimate way. I almost feel like I might get kicked in the face or have a stage diver land on me right in my living room. Basically the cameras bring you the closest you can come to a V.O.D. show without actually being there...all that's missing are the blood, sweat, and ringing ears...A perfect representation of a real hardcore show. The sound and video quality are really decent, but the DVD still strives to maintain a bootleg feel, complete with sweaty, crazy crowd, knocking eachother about to a vast selection of V.O.D.'s back catalog. No doubt this DVD and news of the band's recent formation will make alot of picky hardcore fans very fucking happy, myself included.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2008 AbsolutMetal