Interview - Valume Nob

Frey and Marshall answer some questions

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Sam: How did this project come together?, were everyone's different label contracts a big problem?
Marshall: "From what I understand Frey and Sid started jamming with two other guys. They wrote a few songs and decided to start it as a band. They gave me a call and I went check it out. I thought it was something that I'd be into so I took it on. Fortunately for us the other two didn't work out which gave Frey complete writing control, and then of course we got Kirk on bass also."
Sam: You've all been in several influential bands over the years, what's the entire history here?
Marshall: "We've all been jamming around for years. I was in a few hard core bands New Religion, Bile and Grave Yard Rodeo. Sid jammed with Kirk in a few early projects and of course Crowbar. We all know Kirk has been Crowbar for years and is also in Down. Now he makes his talent stretch into Valume Nob on the four string.
Frey: For me it's kind of wierd. I have never really been in a band, but have been around the scene for years. I have worked for numerous bands, such as Down, Crowbar, SuperJoint Ritual, Eyehategod, Black Label Society, and just about every band in the New Orleans area. I did luckily, wind up playing bass for Zakk Wyldes B.L.S because I was out drum Teching for Craig Nuenenmacher and Mike Inez had to leave to go home to do another project, and Zakk asked me to fill in on a few shows on the Ozzfest of 2001. So You could say 'I was in the right place at the right time.' As for me now its Valume Nob 100%. "
Sam: Do you plan to keep the raw sound found on your EP?
Frey: "We intended the E.P. to come out exactly the way it did. Live,Raw,and Loud. We really was not looking for and exact sound, but as (Marshall) just said, we really didn't have much of a plan, and we also didn't have much money. We were really supposed to just make a demo to shop to the labels, but it came out better than we thought, so we decided to package it up and sell the bitch as an EP. I wouldn't say that we will keep the sound (not saying it sucks), but if we had the time and the right money,'LOOK THE FUCK OUT.'"
Sam: Is there a full album in the works?
Marshall: "Yes no doubt. There would have been one now but we were afraid to waste the music with people not knowing who the hell Valume Nob was for a year. The songs are already written and we are performing them live. We wish that everyone could hear every thing we are doing but the only way right now is to catch a show. We will record some time in the new year when we think that we have started a big enough buzz. We don't want to have to keep playing the same shit for two years while people figure out what is going on. The EP is just a taste of whats to come."
Frey: "We have about 20 ass whipping tunes ready to unleash to you all, and as soon as we've pounded the pavement, and let all of you catch on, we will hit the studio and unleash the wrath of 'THE NOB'."
Sam: How did the video shoot turn out and when can we expect to see it?
Frey: "I mean...It went fucking killer. I can't explain how much stamina, and energy was flowing in that room. We started at about 10:00am and shot until 10:00pm.I was really blown away at the amount of fans that showed up to support us. It was absolutely amazing. I think, and I am not exagerating, that we have some of the craziest motherfucking fans there is. I can't say it enough."
Marshall: "They will start editing this week and it should be finished in about three weeks. Give or take a week. They want to make sure it's what we wanted. We will be submitting it to MTV2 and URANIUM."
Sam: What's going on with the current hard-core scene in N.O.L.A?
Marshall: "The Scene is strong. We have all the bands that every one knows and a bunch of young bands coming up. You can go out on any giving weekend and catch a hard core band in NOLA. If there's any light rock I don't know of it."
Sam: Any tour plans?
Frey: " As of right now, we are just playing some shows around the southern part of the country. Of course we plan to tour, We are just waiting for the right time and the correct package. We just dont have the time and money to hit the road as of just yet. I mean the EP just came out on Oct. 19th in the states, and Nov 19th over seas. The E.P. is moving fairly well here in the states and it is just to early to tell what is going on overseas. I'm sure as the E.P. moves throughout this year, and the word and publicity of Valume Nob grows, we will be coming to a town near you."
Marshall: "If the right tour was to pop up we would leave today."
Sam: Is there any possibility of a future tour with Crowbar?
Marshall: "If Kirk Would ever say lets do it, sure we would. It would be all on him, as he would have to play twice in one night. Personally, I think he could do it, but the fans would really have to want it, for him to do it."

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