The Venting Machine


demo review

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It's hard at some points in this demo to decide whether they really love Pantera or Machine times even the singing/screaming crosses the line between 'ok who is he copying?' With that said at least this is metalcore, and it's just straight up Ozzfest metal. Lots of good riffs, but definately at some point, they'd need to loosen up on the influences as it's flooding the songs. Not bad for a demo though, riffs and playing all together rather tightly, some of the vocals could use some work though. At times it sounds like a frog is crawling out of his throat and at others he's got balls. Take some time and figure out which way you're gonna go. Either way, definately wouldn't mind getting something else from them.

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Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

AbsolutMetal 2005