Winter Solstice

2004 demo

Demo review

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Ok, I'm gonna say this right now, I really can't wait for the next phase of hardcore, 'cause all this bad cheesey Iron Maiden/In Flames crap has got to go. It seems every band nowadays comes out with signature time changes and blast beat riffs. What happened to not sounding like the herd? What happened to doing it your own way? This is the new way, sound like every other band out there. But look good doing it. I'm not trying to break down anything in hard to read words am I? I'd just like to hear something that every other Hot Topic wanna be hardcore band isn't already doing. It's like these guys just lifted the worst riffs off of Ride the Lightning and said "Hey we just wrote a new song." Some of these songs wouldn't really be that bad if you could understand the vocals. See guys, that's what pushes bands to the forefront being able to understand what you're putting out. And ya, have some kinda message. That doesn't mean preach to your crowds, given that you might actually have one. But good this is the NuWave of Glamcore. Suck It!!!!!!!

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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