S/t (demo 2003)

Demo review

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This is a brand new trio from MalmŲ, Sweden; this is their first demo.

Pece - lead vocals, guitar
Peter Broch - bass
Johan Hellgesson - drums

Wit became a fact when drummer Johan, (usually a fulltime member of Debase and The Drugs) joined the band. This demo contains three really strong songs. They play 70ís influenced hard rock, and they have some major similarities with Thin Lizzy despite the fact that they only have one guitarist, so thereíll be no twin guitar play a la Lizzy I presume. Pece also has some big similarities with Phil Lynott voice wise.

The production is not bad at all, unfortunately I donít have any information on where they have recorded the demo, I donít have any info about who has written the music/lyrics either.

The first song "Demonic" is a real 70ís hard rock track with some hints of blues all through the song. The only minor thing on that song is the chorus is done by the rest of the group; it sounds way to thin in my opinion. Thereís a lot of guitar on top of the mix.

"Wicked Witch", is a hard rock track very influenced by the big 70ís bands like Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and Status Quo. Very impressive guitar playing and a lot of tempo changes through all three songs. All of the three are also really competent musicians. "Iím Coming Home" sounds incredible, a lot like Thin Lizzy despite that they only have one guitarist.

This sounds really strong all the way. Wit sure has the potential to go really far in the future. My personal favourite is "Iím Coming Home". Even though they all are big fans and influenced by Thin Lizzy, they have managed to create their own sound.

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Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Album Rating: 8/10