Interview - YOB


Mike Scheidt from YOB responds to some e-mail questions

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Sam: You seem to be heading in an even heavier, more aggressive direction with this album, was it intentional?
Mike Scheidt: "Not exactly. We are fans of pretty much every spectrum of metal and those influences are showing up more and more. From death to black metal, grind to DOOM, hardcore to power metal...we're into the lot of it. We're a better band than we have ever been and are becoming more proficient at channeling our various influences to greater effect."
Sam: What do you guys use for vocal effects?
MS: "For years I used just a BOSS chorus pedal. Now I use a Digitech Vocal 300 processor. It's not perfect, but it's the best thing I've used yet. On it I have chorus, delay, and a gate as presets for my on stage sound."
Sam: Guitars/amps?
MS: "I use a Black Matamp full stack with a White Matamp Half-stack with a Y cable so I can run both at the same time. I also have a Green Matamp head from the 80's that I use too. All of my heads are non-master volume(no gain built in, clean tone only) and I get my distortion from a ROSS Distortion from the 70's combined with an old MXR Dyna Comp. For guitars it's Gibson Les Pauls all the way with D'Addario baritone strings tuned to a standard. Isamu uses Rickenbacker 4001 basses with a 70's Ampeg SVT stack and a Orange Graphic 120 Head on a SUNN))) 2X15 Cabinet. Travis has a red Ludwig Vista Lite drum set that is large sizes (26" kick drum). We gots the gear."
Sam: Who are your influences right now?
MS: "It's quite a spectrum: early Cathedral, SLEEP, Burning Witch, IMMOLATION, VON, Will Haven, Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Neurosis, Matt Pike anything, Corrupted, Darkthrone, etc."
Sam: What tour plans do you have lined up?
MS: "We are doing two cd release shows on November 12th and 13th( 12th in Portland, OR and 13th in Seattle, WA) with a few other scattered shows. Then we're going to finish writing another album to begin recording in March . The we'll take off in late April for a full US Tour to hopefully coincide with another appearance at Emissions From The Monolith."
Sam: Any DVD or vinyl releases in the works?
MS: "We are trying to find someone to release the vinyl between us and Metal Blade. Nothing for DVD as of yet. But you never know...>:)"