Interview - YOB


Mike Scheidt discusses the end of YOB and the future of AGE

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Sam: YOB had a good run, after this last summer did you just feel another YOB line-up would've been too many?
Mike: "I played with 4 different YOB line-ups over the years, but the last one was the best by far. We hit a certain peak together vibe wise as Mike/Isamu/Travis. I know I can and will write songs just as good as the ones I did for YOB, but the vibe will undeniably be different with new people. Rather than do the Ozzy/Dio Sabbath thing, a different band name feels like the best situation. YOB's history will stand on it's own, and my new material will be judged on it's own merits. I am pretty sure that fans of YOB will dig AGE, as it is cut from the same cloth stylistically, with some new twists."
Sam: Will AGE be another 3-piece?
MS: "So far, yes. So much can be done with a three piece, and there is a certain feel and vibe in that number of people playing together that is magic to me. Examples: pre-We Live Electric Wizard, High On Fire, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Rush, Floor, Dove, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Immortal, Darkthrone, Sons Of Otis.....the list goes on and on. Plus it's great in the tour van to only have three people plus a roadie. I know four and five + member bands out there can appreciate that! This being said, I have tossed around the idea of having live samples and visual projection behind the band which would involve a full time 4th member. Not sure if this will happen though."
Sam: Are you going to distance yourself at all from YOB's sound with this new band, or will it be along the same lines?
MS: "I am going to write what comes naturally to me. So far I have about 30 minutes of material that is very much in the vein of YOB, but different all at the same time. As these tunes get more rehearsed with new people, the tone will undeniably be different than YOB. The intent will be the same: to forge dynamic tunes that CRUSH, SPIRAL, and CIRCLE in distant black holes and explore distant worlds. Lyrically, the tone will be less rooted in traditonal mysticism, and founded more in my own explorations into the VOID."
Sam: Have you already found members for the new project? If so, who, and are they local guys?
MS: "I have been jamming with Scott Headrick on drums and Will from Human Certainty/Fuck God In The Face/Ahisma on bass. Both of these guys are killer musicians with the right vibe and attitudes about both music and their own lives. Both of them live in Eugene, which is fabulous. This will be the first time in many years that all of the members of the band I am playing in are local. I am not sure in what capacity as of yet, but Scott Kelly from Neurosis and I have been talking about some collaboration on AGE as well. Whether it be in the studio or otherwise, it can only be good."
Sam: Will there be a new website up soon for AGE?
MS: "I am currently working towards getting a demo put together in order to get some label support, hopefully from Metal Blade if possible so AGE can continue where YOB left off. If not them, than someone else. Once that is in place, I will put up a new site for AGE that I will build with the idea that I will be able to do updates myself VS having to have someone else do it for the band. This will make it much easier to keep the site dynamic and up-to-date as oppsoed to YOB's websites of the past. Until then is still up and running and we are selling what YOB merch we have there until the AGE site is up. We will continue to sell YOB merch there as well as AGE merch too. I am very excited about AGE. I feel it will be the closest thing I have written to trying to capture what I hear inside my head, heart, and the ether musically.