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EP review

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First of all, I had to know what the fuck "Zoroaster" was...turns out he was this ancient Iranian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism, (or Parsiism, as it is known in India), which was the national religion of the Sassanian Empire of Persia a hell of a long time ago. He was also believed to be connected with occult knowledge and magical practices in the Near Eastern and Mediterranean world in the Hellenistic Age (c. 300 BC-c. AD 300). This band just got a little more interesting...
Zoroaster, (the band) hail from Atlanta, GA, and this happens to be their debut EP. Right away you notice that it sounds like you're in a room with a massive wall of amps blowing waves of sonic doom into your face. This is very noticeable on the 11+ minute monster "Defile" that closes out this 4 song EP. The songs have a nice slow drag to them, nothing you can't keep up with if you're really, really high, and I bet that's no accident. These guys have an obvious affection for Sleep and Black Sabbath, and that's a good thing. The vocals are usually of the "cookie monster" variety, with the more upbeat "Bullwhip" being an exception. "Honey and Salt" is straight out of the book of Sleep-style doom classics... so good.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2006 AbsolutMetal