Voice Of Saturn (Terminal Doom Records 2009)

Album review

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Right off the bat I'm not impressed with Zoroaster's 2nd full length album...at least until the 3rd track. I mean, what's up with the piano? I'm just not into it. Things do finally get cooking on track 3, "Undying", a nice little 10+minute long slow, doomy, number. "White Dwarf" follows, a crazy mid-tempo stomp featuring a bit of Mastodon's Brent Hines on vocals and guitar solo. The title track goes all noisy early Pink Floyd on us before flowing into the closer, "Lamen Of The Masters Therion", a trudging swampy tune. There's a track 7 with more damn piano for about 2 minutes before complete silence. A bit over 6 minutes into the track, one of the best songs on the album starts, tribal beats, strange sounds, good noise.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2009 AbsolutMetal